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The service, retail and skilled trade centre in the north of Saarland. Situated in the middle of the charming scenic Saar-Hunsrück nature park, it is Losheim's lake in particular that makes Losheim so attractive as a tourist resort. Losheim am See now holds a leading position in Germany with eight certified top hiking trails. We want to present our municipality with its extensive tourist attractions to you on our website and give you the chance to find out about the numerous leisure facilities and events. However, if you also want to find out more about Losheim as a business location and its individual districts you are in the right place here too.
If you have any questions or suggestions, simply send us an  e-mail or give us a call.  

Lothar Christ 

Mayor of Losheim am See 

About the municipality

As a result of the reform of districts and administrations in 1974, the twelve formerly independent municipalities Bachem, Bergen, Britten, Hausbach, Losheim, Mitlosheim, Niederlosheim, Rimlingen, Rissenthal, Scheiden, Wahlen and Waldhölzbach were merged to make up today's municipality with a total area of 96.78 km2. 

Municipalities - infrastructure

Its location with excellent transport links and outstanding basic conditions have allowed Losheim to become a business centre with a marked density of skilled trade, retail and service provision firms and an above-average rate of retaining purchasing power. Thanks to a good supply of commercial premises and beautiful scenery as well as attractive cultural and recreational activities the municipality offers relocating companies a pleasant environment. 

The utilities and service provision offered also match the economic status: municipal administration, post office, vehicle inspection organisation, notary offices, health insurance offices, and a broad range of medical services with doctors, dentists, alternative practitioners, chemists etc. can be found in the town centre. Added to this, there is a well-performing hospital with specialist departments for general internal medicine and conservative orthopaedics as well as an emergency response service staffed around the clock. 

As far as the education sector is concerned, six kindergartens, four primary schools, one special school and one comprehensive school with sixth form are located in Losheim am See. 

The Losheim, Britten, Scheiden, Waldhölzbach and Mitlosheim districts have been recognised as health resorts by the state due to their healthy climate. The rising importance of tourism with more than 650 guest beds is focused on the Losheim lake leisure resort with a whole range of options for relaxation, like the Vierjahreszeiten Park, and sporting activity. 12 premium trails and 10 cycle routes are just as popular with guests as horse riding and other leisure activities. Three Kneipp facilities and several nature trails are available. 

The "Saar-Hünsrück" cycle route runs through the municipality, as does the Saarland cycle route. One highlight is the historical railway with its regular steam locomotive trips. Losheim's historical train station has been turned into a railway museum. Losheim Lake is a leisure resort situated in the Hochwald high forest. 

The 31 ha and up to 14 m deep lake with 35 ha of surrounding countryside is situated at 330 m altitude, encircled by the Hochwald forests on the outskirts of Losheim. Accommodation right next to the lake includes a large camp site with family area, group area, young people's area, 440 caravan pitches and the Eco Village as well as the Seehotel with 85 beds and the spa hotel with 120 beds. Three restaurants, the bistro at the Vierjahreszeiten Park as well as the camping inn, which are open all year round, and 3 snack kiosks during peak season provide refreshments for all tastes. An experiential brewery (Hochwald brewery) rounds off the offer. During the peak season hardly a week goes by without a lively village festival or fair. 

Losheim am See was winner of the "Hospitable Saarland" regional competition in 1992 and winner of the "Family holidays in Germany" national competition in 1994. Besides this, the municipality has been tested and recommended as a family-friendly holiday resort by the ADAC. 

Tourism - restaurants

Great destinations and beautiful sights are situated very close to here. The famous Saarschleife river loop near Mettlach or Germany's oldest city, Trier, are literally on our doorstep. A trip to Perl-Borg on the Mosel river to look at the reconstructed Roman villa or a visit to France or Luxembourg are always worth it. 

The tourist information office at the lake is open all year round, at weekends too. With 450,000 day trippers to the lake, 50,000 guests at the adventure railway, roughly 50,000 visitors to the districts and 70,000 overnight stays, tourism has become an important element of the economy in Losheim. 

Some restaurant businesses at the lake and in the districts are very popular with day trippers. 

Tourist destinations in the municipality are the barefoot trail in Waldhölzbach,  the 10 premium hiking trails, 3 Kneipp facilities, the cycle routes with connection to the Saarland circular hiking trail. The restaurant owners along the charming scenic Eichenlaubstraße oak tree route have started to make it more attractive to tourists. 

With its involvement in the Hochwald Potato Days, Hochwald Game Week and Hochwald Fruit Brandy Days, Losheim am See is contributing to the tourist marketing of the Hochwald region. 

Cultural tourism is a buzzword of great importance. Events at the lake and in the railway hall bring thousands of guests to the Hochwald municipalities. Losheim am See has made a name for itself in the region in terms of culture and tourism. 

The 31 ha lake with its surrounding countryside is the municipality's main tourist attraction. The swimming lake is a bathing lake by the EU with continuous quality testing and outstanding water quality recognised. 

Accommodation right next to the lake includes the Seehotel with 85 beds and restaurant, the Hochwälder Spa Hotel with 120 beds, the camp site with 440 caravan pitches and 300 tent pitches and the Eco Village with 64 beds in 8 wooden houses. 

There is high quality dining at the "Maison au Lac". The Hochwald brewery restaurant by the lake offers exceptional beer in a wonderful setting. Added to this there are 3 kiosks for all requirements during the swimming season. 

The cultural activities on offer by the lake range from concerts by music societies, cabaret in restaurants, to events in the Vierjahreszeiten Park.

The municipality has acquired a great reputation nationwide with its open air concerts by the lake. The events at the venue that holds 20,000 visitors range from classics by the lake to musical open air concerts to large rock events.

Leisure facilities

The lake's leisure facilities include the lido with giant water slide, the adventure playground, a wonderfully situated mini golf course, the most beautiful Kneipp facility in Saarland, a small sailing harbour, a canoe station, diving base, pedalo hire and aqua bikes. Part of the lake is protected as a biotope. Another highlight is the 5 hectare Vierjahreszeiten Park situated right on the lakeside. It offers a large variety of plants all year round. The garden bistro, garden shop and mini golf course at the entrance area invite you to while away the hours. The garden bistro offers culinary and cultural events all year round, such as wine evenings, breakfasts and cabaret concerts.

The 4.1 km circular hiking trail around the lake is one of the most popular hiking trails in Saarland. At the same time it is the starting point for hikes into the Hochwald forest. 

The adventure railway with its railway hall, railway museum and historical railway has become the second tourist attraction in the municipality. 

The railway museum has numerous exhibits from the history of the MBE railway company as well as several trains and historical carriages. The historical railway attracts roughly 15,000 paying guests from all over Germany every year with its tourist steam locomotive trips through the Hochwald forest. The nostalgia train with two steam locomotives regularly travels on the 16 km long Hochwald route between Merzig-Ost and Dellborner Mühle. 

The railway hall has in the meantime become a nationally respected cultural centre with its special setting. Ranging from markets to rock concerts, folk music, comedy and classical music. The artists who have performed there range from Peter Steiners Theaterstadl, Paco de Lucia, Manfred Mann, German Brass, Konstantin Wecker, Charlie Haden, Chris Barber and rock bands like New Model Army. 





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