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The Felsenweg hiking trail
The Schluchtenpfad hiking trail
The mini lake tour
The Bergener hiking trail
The Schluchtenpfad hiking trail
The Oppig-Grät-Weg hiking trail

Twelve premium hiking trails certified by the German Hiking Institute as having a high quality of experience are located in Losheim am See. 

They are part of the "Traumschleifen Saar-Hunsrück", a network of currently 80 premium trails in the region around the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig. You can find more information at www.saar-hunsrueck-steig.de 

The Traumschleifen's highlights in Losheim am See are the "Felsenweg" and "Schluchtenpfad", Germany's most beautiful hiking trails in 2005 and 2006. 

We present these trails to you in detail on the next few pages. You can obtain material about the trails from the hiking shop. 

Please note that the premium trails include dangerous sections, particularly in bad weather. You can find information about this on the pages on premium hiking. 

Spectacular views, rocks, streams, waterfalls, gorges, natural and cultural monuments, the forest and meadows are linked together in the best possible way by these trails. In accordance with quality criteria, the trails lead over paths, soft forest floors or grassy surfaces, as far as possible. 

We recommend enjoying some refreshments at our quality "Wanderbares Deutschland" restaurants during or after the hike. 

There is information about premium hiking in Germany on the German Hiking Institute website at


You can find information about the premium hiking regions in Germany at


You can find more information about hiking in the quality "Wandermagazin" that is published every two months at  www.wandermagazin.de



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