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Losheim am See - the hub of SaarRadland

Three national cycle routes pass through Losheim am See. 


  • The Saarlandradweg from Mettlach via Hausbach-Losheim-Niederlosheim to Weiskirchen. The Saarlandradweg runs approx. 500 m away from the lake and is linked to it by a connecting cycle track.
  • The Saar-Nahe-Radweg from Merzig via Brotdorf - Bachem - Rimlingen Losheim - Niederlosheim to Nunkirchen.
  • The Bostalseeradweg from Beckingen to Nunkirchen runs through the municipality in Lückner and connects to the two other cycle routes.
  • The Stausee-Ruwer-Radweg from Losheim to Zerf links the Saarlandradweg to the Ruwer-Hochwald-Radweg and therefore links Trier (from 2009) and the Hunsrück to Losheim am See.


Resulting in a link to the Saarradweg in Beckingen, Merzig and Mettlach. This results in interesting options for tour planning for cycling tourists who are planning tours with several  daily stages. An information board at the bus station in Losheim provides information about this. 


On the  ADFC-Saar website you can find more information about the cycling routes in SaarRadland. 

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